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Nov 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
over 250,000, would be a trillion deficit -- >> a trillion dollars, henry, is nothing to be sniffed at. some urged the party to extend the bush-era tax cuts, for the households that earn less than $250,000, to insure the taxes don't go up. who cares anyway? >> sure, there is a point in there. i might dispute the numbers. i would argue as the members of my party, i would argue that we have a spending problem. as opposed to a revenue problem. to my friend steve's remark, about the clinton tax rates, that sounds great to go back to 39%. and yes, that was a time of balanced budgets. but actually, those balanced budgets bear little resemblance to the tax rates. in the clinton years, in the latter clinton years, one, we were in peace time. and two, there was a capital gains tax cut as part of the 1996 package. and let's not forget, most importantly, there was a little small thing at that time called a technology boom. so much so that it led to aacce. and of course there were tax revenues. so pointing to one tax rate at one point in time -- >> there is no one panacea or fix, we have a big
Nov 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
higher than the norm than taxes are below the normal. so the biggest problem created the deficit that we have, the fiscal cliff that we're falling over is on spending. so this preoccupation with talking about taxes is talking about the smaller of the two problems that are causing the deficit. >> right. when you have a negotiation that's going on although the moment, 72% of americans according to the cnn poll believe obama and the gop should compromise to get thing off a cliff. we have to give and we see the difference ideologically, but in all kinds of trixie deductions and so on and a flat income tax increase on wealthy americans. what's the ideological difference. wealthier people pay a little more tax. >> it's not a ideological difference. what can raise the money most efficiently and effectively to create economic growth that's going to create jobs for people. one of the things i talked about during the campaign was cutting the corporate tax for manufacturing. you want to create jobs that are here in america that are going to create good-paying jobs that create things that pe
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
deficit. the math is simsimple. you need $4 trillion to keep the ratio of debt from growing. there has to be a tax element as well. you have to have more tax revenue. we could not afford the tax cuts we need to restore a piece of them. i have not been on wall street as long as warren buffet. but i agree. i was on wall street for 30 years. it didn't change my work ethic. i think people are driven by other things this is not going to change the work ethic including spending. >> let me play you both a clip today. at the end of the day, i don't want to quibble about the tax rate, but the more important thing is to imcrease the size of the wealth pie. the idea of keeping rates low and then you pay a low marginal rate of as shrinking pie i'd rather get the country on the proper footing. >> how do you get america back on a sound economic footing? butting your hats on, if you were in the room, what would the deal be? >> here is where i think this has to end up. one, recognize what we are facing is a spending problem. my friend steve talks about spending in the balanced budgets of the clint
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
that reduces the deficit by $4 trillion, that does so in a balanced way, that includes substantial cuts to discretionary non-defense spending, over $1 trillion, it includes revenue and includes $340 billion in savings from our health care entitlement programs. >> fairly unequivocal, isn't it? it's a mixture of pretty substantial spending cuts and tax increases. >> we haven't seen the plan. i haven't seen the plan. i don't think the speaker -- >> are you accusing the president of lying? is the president lying? >> where is the plan? >> is he lying? >> i don't think the plan's out there. i think jay carney might be but i don't see the plan. maybe they have a plan. >> jay carney is lying and he's the white house spokesman. >> no. >> they're lying, are they? >> i'm not saying that. piers, maybe they've got -- >> you just did. you just called him a liar. >> they haven't shared the plan with the american people. paul ryan and the republicans in congress have passed twice now and last year -- excuse me, two years ago as well, a ten year plan for a budget that deals with the ten-year debt w
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)